Michael Brockington

East Eigth Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Telephone: (604) 254-2149 · Cel: (604) 418-7437
E-mail: mbrock A@T minusblue.ca

Writing and Directing  
Other Music & Sound  
Still Photography  
Other Film Crew Work  
Other Work Experience  

Film Background

Writing and Directing
Writer & Co-Creative Director (with William Morrison)
Segment Director: Michael Turner, Spoken Word Performance - Kingsway.
Pop-Culture Variety Show - 1998, colour, Digital Video & BetaCam, 1 hour.
Produced by Tactile Images.
Pilot commissioned by VTV, Vancouver Television.

Planet Aaj
Additional Writing & Direction
South Asian Variety Show - 1998, colour, BetaCam, 1 hour.
Produced & Directed by R. Paul Dhillon.
Broadcast on VTV, Vancouver Television, April 1998.

Marlboro City
Writer · Director · Editor · Producer
Drama -- 1992, colour, 16 mm, sync sound, 22 1/2' 
Gold Award, best undergraduate film, WorldFest-Charleston, 1993. 
Norman Mclaren Award, best film, Canadian Student Film Festival, 1992. 
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, 1993. 
Exhibited at other festivals in Canada & the U.S., 1992-1994. 
Broadcast on KCTS Television Seattle, Sept. 1994. 
Currently distributed by Moving Images Distribution Society.

More Production Information about Marlboro City.
(Cast, crew, synopsis, distribution, shooting script, etc.) 

Eat Truth
Writer · Director · Editor · Producer
Experimental - 1989, colour, 16 mm, sync sound, 4 1/2' 
Selected for exhibition, Canadian Student Film Festival, 1989. 

Writer · Director · Editor · Producer
Experimental drama - 1989, colour/b&w, 16 mm, non-sync sound, 4'

Awaiting Feedback
Writer · Director · Editor · Producer
Drama - 1988, video, prototype for a longer project, 8'

Mark Schooley, Marlboro City

Eat Truth

Carl Johansen, Static



Digital Video Editor, 1995-present
2000 hours cutting on the Avid Media Composer, Film Composer & AvidXpress
550 hours cutting on D/Vision Pro
Some experience with Adobe After Effects, Media 100 and Discreet Edit*.
Prior to 1995, I worked on 16 mm film, using Steenbeck and Kem flatbeds.
  • Editor, Protection (80' feature, 1999).  Dir. Bruce Spangler.
       Co-edited with Luis Lam.
  • Fine cut editor, Watching Mrs. Pomerantz (20', 1999).  Dir. Steve Rosenberg.
  • Assistant editor, Karaoke Queen (24', 1999).  Dir. Carol Clusiau.
  • Assitant Editor, Deep Currents (28', 1993). Dir. Jason Singer. 
  • Sound Editor, Typical (10', 1993). Dir. Karen Porter. 
  • Editor, Marlboro City (23', 1992). Dir. Michael Brockington.
  • Editor, Eat Truth (4 1/2', 1989). Dir. Michael Brockington. 
  • Editor, Static (4' Experimental drama, 1989). Dir. Michael Brockington.
  • Editor, Awaiting Feedback (8' Experimental drama) 1988; Dir. Michael Brockington 

  • Additional Editing, Ten Years Old (Music Video - Kim Stockwood, 1999).  Dir. William Morrison.
  • Editor, Planet Aaj (1 hr Variety Show, 1998).  Prod./Dir. R. Paul Dhillon.
  • Editor, Reverb (1 hr Variety Show, pilot, 1998).  Prod. Tactile Images.
       Co-edited with William Morrison.
  • Editor, Labour Day Fair (Music Video - Brock Davis, 1997).  Dir. Billy Chapman.
  • Editor, Sacred Ground (Music Video - Jess Lee, 1995).  Prod. Gilles Lapierre.

  • Editor, Island of Shadows (1 hr; 1999).  Dir. Erik Paulsson. 
  • Editor, Ascension (7’ promo for half-hour documentary; 1999).  Prod. Mehdi Ali.
  • Editor, Huck (15’ promo for full hour documentary; 1999).  Prod. SnowMotion. 
  • Editor, The Making of The Process (24' Documentary).  Prod. Shishir Inocalla.Steve Cosens - Cinematographer - (5' Demo Reel).
  • Assistant Editor, Dreams or Dollars? (15', 1997).  Dir. Daniel Gautreau.
  • Assistant Editor, Earth Ambassadors (20', 1997).  Dir. Daniel Gautreau.

/ Misc.
  • Editor, Steve Cosens - Cinematographer - (5’ Demo Reel; 1999). 
  • Editor, Cooking Naturally with Jeanne-Marie Martin (5’ promo; 1999).  Prod. Ted Herman.
  • Additional Offline/Online Editing, Instructional Soccer (CD-Rom; 1999).  Dir. Harvey Zlatarits.
  • Additional Sound Editing, Dr. Honey’s Dog and Cat Care (30’; 1999).  Prod. Adriane Polo.
  • Online Editor, Norco Mountain Biking Competition (20' Industrial, 1998).
  • Online Editor, Surrey Metro Savings (5' Industrial, 1998).  Dir. Ross Ferguson.
  • Online Editor, Dave Pelletier - Cinematographer - Commercials (3' Demo Reel, 1998).
  • Assistant Editor, Lori-Ann Speed - Composer (12' Demo Reel, 1998).
  • Editor, Dave Pelletier - Cinematographer - Music Videos (3' Demo Reel, 1995).
  • Editor, Robert Aschmann - Cinematographer - Drama (8' Demo Reel, 1995).
  • Editor, Thrifty Car Rental (3' Corporate Promo, 1995).  Prod. Peter Chrzanowski.

  • Brief video & audio clips for various web-sites. 

Camera / Lighting 
  • Additional Camera, Reverb (1 hr Variety Show, pilot); 1998.  Prod. Tactile Images.
  • Additional Camera, Planet Aaj (1 hr Variety Show); 1998.  Prod./Dir. R. Paul Dhillon.
  • Camera Assistant, Labour Day Fair (Music Video); 1997. Dir. Billy Chapman.
  • Camera Operator, Al Razutis (Interview); 1996. Prod. Tactile Images.
  • Camera Operator, B.C. Tel Mobility (Commercial Auditions); 1996.  Prod. Aviator Pictures. 
  • DOP/Camera, River Run (Music Video); 1996. Prod. Brock Davis.
  • Camera Assistant, Labour Day Fair (Music Video); 1997. Dir. Brock Davis.
  • Camera Operator - Pickups, Deep Currents (28' drama); 1993. Dir. Jason Singer. 
  • Lighting, Some Singing, Some Driving, No Dancing (15' Drama); 1991. Dir. Anne Buckley. 
  • Lighting & Camera Assistant, Parallel Lies (20' Drama); 1990. Dir. Jase Tanner. 
  • Camera Operator, Static (4' Experimental, non-sync) 1989; Dir. Michael Brockington.
  • Sound Recordist, Anita Badami (Interview/Reading); 1997. Dir. Michelle Bjornson. 
  • Sound Tech, Vancouver StoryTelling Festival, 1994 & 1996 
  • Sound Recordist, Deep Currents (28' Drama); 1993. Dir. Jason Singer. 
  • Sound Recordist, Health Action Network Seminars (Industrial); 1993. Incan Prod. 
Film/TV Proposal Writing
  • Cooking Naturally  (1/2 hr Cooking Show, weekly); 1999.  Prod. T. Herman. 

  • (Proposal rewrite)
  • Reverb  (1 hr Variety Show, weekly); 1998.  Prod. Tactile Images. 

  • (Lead Writer - Proposal, Running Order)
  • Artifax  (1/2 hr Variety Show, daily); 1997.  Prod. Tactile Images. 

  • (Lead Writer - Proposal)
  • Split Wide Open  (feature); 1997.  Dir. Dev Benegal. 

  • (Proposal rewrite)
  • Voice of the Mountain  (1 hr Documentary); 1995.  Prod. Tactile Images. 

  • (Proposal)
  • Photographic Memory  (experimental short film); 1993. 

  • (Proposal)
Other Crew Positions
  • Production Mgr. Some Singing, Some Driving, No Dancing (15' Drama); 1991. Dir. Anne Buckley 
  • Production Assistant
    • Rusted Cars (Music Video); 1996. 
      Robin of Locksley (Movie of the Week); 1995 
      Brothers of the Frontier (MOW); 1995 
      Crossings (15' Drama); 1989. Dir. Donald Morin 
      Preparations (5' Drama); 1989. Dir. Aki Shigematsu
      P.A. & Actor, Test Shots (3' Experimental) 1989; dir. Mehdi Ali
      P.A. & Actor, Utkra (2' Experimental) 1988; dir. B. Davis.


Member, Cineworks, Video In - Vancouver Independent Film & VideoCo-ops.

Board Member, Moving Images Distribution Society, 1996-1998.

Short-listed for a directing apprenticeship sponsored by the Canadian Academy of Film and Television & the Director's Guild of Canada, l993.

Some performance experience as an actor, musician, juggler. One year of acting courses at SFU.

Awards & 

Z95.3 FM Young Artists and Audience Fund, June 1994

Canada Council Explorations Grant, January 1994



Experienced writer in many formats: film scripts, short fiction, articles, arts criticism, fundraising proposals, technical documentation, essays. My freelance fiction and non-fiction has been published in The Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight, Prairie Fire, The Vancouver Review, Space & Time, Aaj Magazine, The SFU Peak and broadcast on CJSF Radio.

Selected Publications:

  • "Suicide for Beginners" - Prairie Fire - Winter/99 - fiction.
  • "Methane" - Space & Time - Spring/98 - fiction.
  • "All Fall Down" - Vancouver Review - Winter/97 - book review.
  • "Lego Man" - Vancouver Review - Fall/96 - Cover feature.
  • "Down With Unity!" - Georgia Straight - June/95 - article.
  • "Narco-Journalism" - The Vancouver Sun - Nov/94 - article.
  • "American Buffalo" - CJSF Radio - 1994 - theatre review.
You can browse the full text of many articles at this site.


Promotional photography:
  • 10 year anniversary & tour launch for Theatre Terrific. March 1995. 
  • Impasse, Vancouver Fringe Festival theatre production. August 1993. 
Solo exhibit of colour and b&w photography: 
  • A Second Glance , Bennett Library, SFU. July-Sept. 1993. 
Guest Curator, SFU Art Gallery:
  • Student, Faculty & Staff Photography Show, September 1993.
President/Treasurer, SFU Darkroom Club l990-93.

& Sound

Considerable background in electroacoustic sound, through courses at SFU in the music, communications and film departments.  Familiar with equipment and techniques for field recording, 1/4" tape editing, mixing, interviewing, tape manipulations, electronic and computer sound synthesis and composition. 

In the course of video editing, and web design, I've become familiar with digital audio editing, including some work with ProTools sound editing software. I've also done additional sound recording on the  film projects I've directed.  Location recording occasionally, but more often, post-production sound FX and dialogue re-recording.

Tape Compositions: 

  • Submersible Angels -- 1992, 6', computer synthesis 
  • Pandemonia -- 1989, 6', electroacoustic
  • Dolphin Warfare -- 1989, 6', electroacoustic.


Programming Languages: 
C, HTML, Matlab, Lisp, C-shell & DOS scripting.
Operating Systems: 
UNIX, DOS, Windows 95/3.x, Macintosh , NeXT, MTS.
Familiar with a variety of Mac, DOS & Windows applications for word processing, spreadsheets, desk-top publishing, graphics, audio & video editing, internet, communications, databases. Some programming experience on both PC and Macintosh.
  • Web page design and construction.
  • Internet support for PC, Unix.
My upper level university course-work was concentrated on graphics, vision, operating systems, natural language.

Co-author of 3 papers published in computer science journals & conference proceedings, 1992-97:

  • B. Funt, K. Barnard, M. Brockington and V. Cardei, Luminance-Based Multi-Scale Retinex, Proc. AIC Color 97, Vol.I, 330-333, Kyoto, Japan, May 1997. 
  • B. V. Funt, M. Brockington and F. Tong. Conformal Transplantation of Lightness to Varying Resolution Sensors. Proc. of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition, pages 563-569, New York, June 1993.
  • B. V. Funt, M. S. Drew, and M. Brockington. Recovering shading from color images. In G. Sandini, editor, Proc. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV'92), pages 124-132. Springer-Verlag, May 1992.


Video Editor, PC Support, Writer: 

January 1995 - 1998, Part time.
Mehdi Ali, Tactile Images & Post, Vancouver, BC.  (604) 662-7673
Video editing on Avid MCXpress & D/Vision non-linear editing systems.  Proposal writing, computer system troubleshooting, Internet support, business DTP, office supervision. 

Research Assistant: 

May 1988 - December 1997.  Full time & Part time.
Dr. Brian Funt, Director, Centre for Systems Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC. (604) 291-3126
programming primarily in UNIX C, c-shell scripts and Matlab on Sun and Hewlett-Packard workstations, implementing algorithms for computer vision. Some experience with programming parallel computer architectures. Extensive work with image processing and programming of video based image-capture systems.
Supplementary Duties: 
trouble-shooting device drivers; interfacing custom peripherals; running experiments; editor support; document preparation via LaTex, HTML & FrameMaker; orienting new graduate students to our software and hardware resources; writing technical documentation, some instruction/training.


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.

    Bachelor of Arts, 1993. CGPA: 3.72
    Major: Film Production.
    Minors: Computing Science, English. 
    Certificate of Liberal Arts.

    University Awards and Scholarships: 

    • Gordon Shrum Entrance Scholarship (held 5 years)
    • B.C. Entrance Scholarship 
    • Whonnock Industries Scholarship 
    • Repeatedly qualified for SFU Open Scholarship (GPA-based) 


Cineworks Workshops:
  • Introduction to ProTools.
  • Film Funding.
  • Optical Printing.
  • Arri SR-2 Camera Orientation.
  • Sound Recording Equipment Orientation.
Video In Workshops:
  • Non-linear editing on the Avid Media Suite Pro.
  • Video post-production introduction.
  • Orientation for Avid Xpress and Adobe After Effects.

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