Michael Brockington

Film Editor


Phone: (604) 254-2149      Cell: (604) 418-7437      mbrock321 [at] gmail.com 

Vancouver, BC



Picture Editor: 1995-present, primarily working on Avid editing systems.

Before 1995, I worked mostly on 16mm film, using Steenbeck flatbeds.

IATSE 891 Permittee as both Film/Video Picture Editor and 2nd Assistant Picture Editor.


Fluent on Avid, Premiere & Final Cut Pro.

Experienced with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Media Encoder; familiar with DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Encore, D/Vision, Media 100 & Discreet Edit.

Well-versed in a variety of formats and workflows – 4K+, HD, SD, R3D, Phantom, film.


Editing Awards & Nominations


Canadian Screen Award nomination, Best Editing in a Feature Documentary, Koneline, 2017

Leo Award nomination, Best Overall Sound (Documentary), Uninterrupted, 2013.

Gemini Award nomination, Best Documentary Picture Editing, Carts of Darkness, 2009.

Leo Award nomination, Best Documentary Picture Editing, Carts of Darkness, 2009.

Leo Award winner, Feature Drama: Best Picture Editing, Eve & the Fire Horse, 2006.

Leo Award nomination, Short Drama: Best Picture Editing, The Telescope, 2003.

Leo Award winner, Documentary: Best Picture Editing, Island of Shadows, 2001.


Selected Credits



Editor, UNINTERRUPTED (30 8 projector installation, 8K)

2016/5/16 – 2017/9/25

Producers: Betsy Carson, Canada Wild, Rae Hull

Days worked: 289

Director: Nettie Wild

Adobe Premiere

   Very large-scale, immersive outdoor projection on the undercarriage of Vancouvers Cambie Street bridge, shows running 5 nights a week from June 24 – Sept 24, 2017



Editor & Sound Design, Uninterrupted (14 multi-screen installation; HD)

2011/11/18 – 2012/9/26

Producer: Tracey Friesen, NFB

Days worked: 26

Director: Nettie Wild

Avid Media Composer

       5-screen installation: 5 HD channels projected in the windows of the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver International Film Festival, Sept 27 – Oct 12, 2012

       Exploratory version of a longer project

      Leo Award nominations, 2013: Best Cinematography, Best Overall Sound.

      Stream for free: https://www.nfb.ca/film/uninterrupted/




Editor, Koneline: Our Land Beautiful (96 verit documentary; HD)

2014/5/6 – 2016/1/4

Producer: Betsy Carson, Canada Wild

Days worked: 335

Director: Nettie Wild

Avid Media Composer

       Best Canadian Feature, Hot Docs, 2016

       Best Canadian Documentary, Available Light Film Fest, 2016

       Audience Choice for Best Canadian Documentary, ALFF 2016

       CSC Robert Brooks Award for Best Cinematography, 2016 



Editor, Everything Will Be (85 verit documentary; HD)

2011/11/30 – 2013/8/1

Producer: David Christensen, NFB

Days worked: 252

Director: Julia Kwan

Avid Media Composer

       Meilleur Espoir (New Talent) award at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM)

       Festival premiere: Hot Docs, 2014

       Honourable Mention, Best BC Film Award, Vancouver International Film Festival, 2014



Editor & Additional Sound Design, Deepa Mehta In Profile

(6.5 profile; HD)

2012/3/7 – 2012/3/30

Producer: Yves Ma, NFB

Days worked: 18

Director: Nettie Wild

Avid Media Composer

   Produced for the Governor Generals Award Ceremonies, 2012.

   Leo Award nomination, 2013: Best Short Documentary Program.

   Stream for free: https://www.nfb.ca/film/deepa_mehta_in_profile/


Editor, Bone Wind Fire (30 art-historical documentary; RED/HD)

2010/11/15 – 2011/6/26

Producer: Yves Ma, NFB

Days worked: 125

Director: Jill Sharpe

Avid Media Composer

       Best Historical Documentary, Northwest Emmy Nomination, 2014

       Best Short Documentary, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, 2012

       Best Documentary Short, Sonoma International Film Festival, 2012

       Best Canadian Film, FIFA / International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, 2012

       Leo Award winner, 2012: Best Overall Sound.

       Other Leo nominations, 2012:  Best Short Documentary, Screenwriting.

       Artistic Innovation Award, WIFTV Vancouver, 2012

       Notable screenings, 2012: Lincoln Centre, New York; Emily Carr House, Victoria; Georgia OKeeffe Museum, New Mexico.

       Stream for free: https://www.nfb.ca/film/bone_wind_fire/


Editor & Co-Director, The Edge of the World: BCs Early Years

(55; historical/20 interstitials; DigiBeta)

2009/06/03 – 2010/03/09

Producer: Red Storm Productions

Days worked: 169

Director: Erik Paulsson

Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects

    Premiere, Knowledge Network, Aug 2010.

    Stream for free: https://www.knowledge.ca/program/edge-world-bcs-early-years


Editor, In Chinatown (7 experimental/historical documentary; REDcam/HD)

2008/10/22 – 2009/01/23

Producer: Rina Fraticelli

Days worked: 27

Director: David McIlwraith

Avid Media Composer


Editor, Carts of Darkness (63; profile/extreme sports; HD)

2007/06/12 – 2008/01/9

Producer: Tracey Friesen, NFB

Days worked: 153

Director: Murray Siple 

Final Cut Pro

    Gemini Award nomination for Best Documentary Picture Editing, 2009.

    Leo Award winner 2009: Best Documentary (Nature/Environment/Adventure category.)

    Other Leo nominations: Picture Editing, Direction, Cinematography, Overall Sound, Sound Editing.

    Festivals: Hot Docs (Toronto), Vancouver Intl Mountain Film Festival, 2008.

    One of the top 3 downloads at NFB.ca in 2010.

    Stream for free: http://www.nfb.ca/film/carts_of_darkness/


Editor, Bevel Up (45 verit documentary, 3.5 hour educational DVD)

2006/06/12 – 2007/02/12

Production Company: Canada Wild Productions

Days worked: 125

Director: Nettie Wild 

Avid Xpress Pro

    Prism Award (US), best original DVD

    Media Award, American Academy of Nursing

    BC Provincial Health Officers Award for Excellence in Public Health

    Premiere, Hot Docs (Toronto), 2008.




Editor, Symphony of Silence (22; profile/arts; DV)

2005/05/09 – 2005/07/05

Production Company: Firelight CineMa

Days worked: 40

Director: William Eaton 

Avid Media Composer

      2 Leo Award nominations, 2006: Best Documentary, Best Sound Editing, Arts/Performing Arts.

  • Golden Sheaf Award nomination: Documentary Short Subject, Yorkton, 2006.
  • National Broadcast Premiere on CBC, July 17, 2005.


Editor, Web of Dissent (5; promo for 1 hr doc; social justice; DV)

2003/06/10 - 2003/06/30

Production Company: Red Storm Productions

Days worked: 8

Director: Bruce Spangler. 

Final Cut Pro


Editor & Motion Graphics, Reed (95; biography; 35 mm & DV)

2001/03/18 - 2009/01/25

Production Company: Roy Kiyooka Inc.

Days worked: 180

Director: Fumiko Kiyooka. 

Avid Media Composer, 

Xpress, Adobe After Effects

    This was a 95 reworking of a 45 piece.  Edited with Fumiko Kiyooka, et al.


Rough Cut Editor, Access Challenge (58; DV & beta-SP)

2001/10/15 - 2001/12/10

Production Company: Fountain Productions

Days worked: 44

Producer: Mehdi Ali.  Rough cut edited with David Ozier.

Final Cut Pro

    Silver Hugo, Social Issues & Human Relations, Chicago International Film Festival, 2002.


Editor, Island of Shadows: DArcy Island Leper Colony, 1891-1924 (48; historical; 16 mm & DV)

1999/10/19 - 2000/03/06

Production Company: Red Storm Productions

Days worked: 77

Director: Erik Paulsson

Avid Media Composer

    Leo Award winner for Documentary, 2001: Best Picture Editing, Best Director, Best Overall Sound.

    Gemini Award winner: Best Make-up, 2001

    Additional duties: Special effects shots, motion control shots, main title design, using Adobe After Effects.

    Theatrical Premiere: opening film Asian Heritage Month.  May 1, 2000, Vancouver.

    Vancouver Broadcast Premiere on VTV, Vancouver Television, May 4, 2000.

    National Broadcast Premiere on Vision, May 17, 2000.

    National Broadcast on CTV, July 18, 2000.


Editor, Huck (15; promo for 1 hr doc; sports; betacam & DV)

1999/06/09 - 1999/06/18

Production Company: SnowMotion

Days worked: 10

Director: Scott Fulmer. 

Media 100



Feature Drama


Editor, Eve and the Fire Horse (92; drama; 35mm from super-16)

2004/07/27 – 2004/11/24

Production Company: Golden Horse Productions

Days worked: 75

Director: Julia Kwan

Avid Media Composer

    Special Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival, World Cinema dramatic competition, 2006.

    Claude Jutra Award, 2007 for director Julia Kwan.

    5 Genie nominations, 2007: Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Production Design, Costume Design, Overall Sound.

    Leo Award winner, 2006: Direction, Screenwriting, Picture Editing, Sound Editing, Production Design.

    Leo Award nominations, 2006: Female Supporting Performance, Overall Sound.

    Audience award for Most Popular Canadian Feature Film, Vancouver Intl Film Festival, 2005.

    Best Canadian Film & Most Popular Canadian Film, Calgary Film Festival, 2005          

    Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, 2005.

    Other festivals: Austin, San Francisco, Maine, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Seattle, Karlovy Vary.

    Theatrical Canadian release, 2006: Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg. Calgary, Mongrel Media.



Editor, On the Corner (90; drama; 35mm from Digital Betacam)

2002/10/16 - 2003/02/28

Production Company: On the Corner Productions

Days worked: 86

Director: Nathaniel Geary

Avid Media Composer

    6 Leo Award nominations, 2004: Screenwriting, Cinematography, Male Supporting Actor, Female Supporting Actor, Sound Editing, Production Design.

    Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, 2003.

    Included in Canadas Top Ten for 2003.

    Best Western Canada Feature Film, Vancouver International Film Festival, 2003

    Other 2003 festival screenings: Halifax, Whistler (Best Canadian Film), Calgary.

    2004 festival screenings: Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany (Special Jury Prize); Cinema Jove – Valencia, Spain (Golden Moon); Bogota, Columbia (Bronze Pre-Columbian Circle); Gteborg, Sweden.

    Presales to Showcase, The Movie Network & Movie Central.

    Theatrical release: June 2004, Vancouver and Toronto, TVA Films.


Editor, Protection (80; drama; 35mm from 16mm)

1999/05/27 - 2000/06/19

Production Company: Thoughtcrime Productions & Red Storm Productions

Days worked: 83

Director: Bruce Spangler.  Co-edited with Luis Lam. 

Avid Film Composer

    Genie Award nomination, 2001: Best Lead Actress.

    9 Leo Award nominations, 2001: including Best Picture, Best Director.

    Jury Prize, Special Mention, Best Feature Film & Best Actress, 2001 Ourense Independent Film Festival

    Best First Feature, Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival, February 2001

    Vancouver Film Critics Award for Best Canadian Indie Feature, 2001

    Silver Platter, Figueira da Foz Film Festival in Portugal, 2001

    Official Competition, Montreal World Film Festival, August 2000

    Opening film, Canadian Images, Vancouver International Film Festival, Sept. 2000

    Presales to: CITY TV, Superchannel, The Movie Network





Editor, Alienated II (half-hour series; sci-fi comedy; Digital Betacam)

2003/09/17 - 2004/05/11

Production Company: Brightlight Pictures

Days worked: 149

Writer/Director/Producer: Mark Sawers

Avid Media Composer

    Production editor - first cut of all 11 episodes for season 2. 

    Sole editor for episodes 201-205 & 209.

    Episode 210 edited with Gareth Scales.  Episode 211 edited with Luis Lam.

    Broadcast on Space: the Imagination Station, and the New VI.




Short Drama


Editor, The Old Woman in the Woods (25; drama; HD)                            

2011/6/22 – 2011/9/25

Producer: Diana Wilson

Days worked: 35

Director: Caroline Coutts

Avid Media Composer

    7 Leo Award nominations, 2013: Best Short Drama, Direction, Female Performance, Screenwriting, Sound Editing, Musical Score, Production Design.

    Golden Sheaf Award nomination, Drama  – Yorkton Film Festival, 2013.

    Silver Remi Award – 46th WorldFest-Houston, Dramatic – Adaptation / Independent Shorts.



Editor, Smile (17; drama; super-16)

2007/04/01 – 2007/04/18

Production Company: Fire Horse Productions & Firelight CineMa

Days worked: 15

Director: Julia Kwan

Avid Xpress Pro

    Sundance Film Festival, 2008

    Premiere, Toronto International Film Festival, 2007.  Other Festivals: Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco, 2007.  Halifax, San Diego, Hawaii, 2008.

    2 Leo Award nominations, 2007:  Best Female Performance.


Editor, Vannica (18; drama; super-16)

2001/07/12 - 2002/02/26

Production Company: Rendez-vous Films

Days worked: 13

Director: Steve Rosenberg

Avid Film Composer

    Festival Screenings: Palm Springs, 2002.



Editor, The Telescope (22; drama; 35mm, 16mm & super-8)

2001/06/28 - 2001/09-30

Producer: Andrea Bastin

Days worked: 17

Director: Jessica Bradford

Avid Film Composer

    4 Leo Award nominations, 2003: Picture Editing, Overall Sound, Production Design, Female Performance.


Fine-cut Editor, Watching Mrs. Pomerantz (20; comedy-drama; 16mm)

1999/11/28 - 1999/12/10

Production Company: Rendez-vous Films

Days worked: 4

Director: Steve Rosenberg

Avid Film Composer

    Best Direction, Toronto WorldWide Short Film Festival, 2000

    National broadcast, Canadian Reflections, CBC, 2001



Editor, Marlboro City  (23 student film; comedy-drama; 16mm)

1991/09/01 - 1992/05/01

Production Company: Minus Blue Productions

Days worked: 60 (est.)

Director: Michael Brockington

Steenbeck flatbed

    Norman Mclaren Award, best film, Canadian Student Film Festival, 1992.

    Gold Award, best undergraduate film, WorldFest-Charleston, 1993.

    Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, 1993.

    Broadcast on KCTS Television Seattle, Sept. 1994.



Performance & Music Video



Editor, A Cup of Wine (6.5; dance; 35mm & Genesis HD)

2010/07/20 – 2010/04/27

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 21

Director: Daniel Conrad.

Avid Media Composer


Editor & Post-super, The Rushing of Time (2.5; dance; 35mm & XDcam)

2009/11/02 – 2009/11/18

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 6

Director: Daniel Conrad.

Avid Media Composer

    Produced for the Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition


Post-production Supervisor, Aboard the Pater Noster  

(16 & 24 versions; dance; 35mm)

2007/12/08 - 2008/01/29

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 5

Director: Daniel Conrad. .

Avid Xpress Pro


Editor, Afternoon of the Chimeras (16 & 24 versions; dance; 35mm)

2005/09/19 - 2005/10/21

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 23

Director: Daniel Conrad. .

Avid Film Composer


Editor, 6 Possibilities (12 & 24 versions; dance; 35mm)

2002/08/29 - 2002/10/15

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 34

Director: Daniel Conrad. .

Avid Film Composer

    National Broadcast Premiere on CBC, Opening Night, Jan 16, 2003.


Editor & Motion Graphics, Avalon (5; Music Video; 16mm)

2002/07/22 - 2002/08/03

Production Company: Red Storm Productions

Days worked: 15

Director: Bruce Spangler.  Artist: Lori Pappajohn.

Media Composer, After Effects

    National Broadcast on Bravo, 2002.


Editor, Subways (12 & 24 versions; dance; 35mm & DV)

2001/08/02 - 2001/08/20

Production Company: Rhodopsin Productions

Days worked: 21

Director: Daniel Conrad.  Edited with Manfred Becker.

Avid Film Composer

    National Broadcast Premiere on CBC, Opening Night, 2002.

    Dagmar & Vaclav Havel Prize,  Golden Prague Film Festival, 2002

    Other festival screenings: Montreal World Film Festival; Valladolid, Spain; Palm Springs; Denver;.


Additional Editing, Ten Years Old (Music Video - Kim Stockwood; 16mm)

1999/03/04 - 1999/03/08

Production Company: Toolshed/Aviator Productions

Days worked: 2

Director/Editor: William Morrison. 

Avid Media Suite Pro



Editor, Reverb (1 hr;  Pilot - Pop-culture Variety Show; DV)

1998/02/05 - 1998/04/31

Production Company: Tactile Images

Days worked: 20

Producer: Mehdi Ali.  Co-editor: William Morrison.

Avid Xpress



Editor, Labour Day Fair (Music Video - Brock Davis; 16mm) 


Director: Billy Chapman.  System: D/Vision Pro

Days worked: 6





Editor, Global Mafia; Israel/Gaza (15 and 60 spots; subvertising; HD)

2010/10/25 – 2010/10/28

Producer: Adbusters

Days worked: 3

Creative Director: Kalle Lasn

Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects




Other Skills


Ive written and directed a handful of short films (Marlboro City, Eat Truth, Static), shared writing and direction credits on a couple of variety shows (Reverb, Planet Aaj), and was co-director of The Edge of the World in 2010. 


I have done short stints as a camera operator, camera assistant, sound recordist, cinematographer, production manager and production assistant on various short independent & student films. 


In addition to writing film scripts and proposals for film and television, Ive published fiction, articles and arts criticism in The Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight, Prairie Fire, The Vancouver Review, On-Spec, Space & Time, Aaj Magazine and elsewhere.


I have some background in electro-acoustic and tape-studio composition.  Ive done a bit of promotional photography, and have had a solo exhibition of colour and b&w photography.


For several years I worked as a computer programmer in the area of Computer Vision, co-authoring a number of papers published in research journals and conference proceedings, 1992-98.  Im familiar with many common desktop computer applications, and have done some web design.





Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.

Bachelor of Arts, 1993.  CGPA: 3.72

Major: Film Production.

Minors: Computing Science, English.  Certificate of Liberal Arts.


February 2006 – 2 day Master Class with Walter Murch, Vancouver.


Through the Cineworks Filmmakers Co-op, Ive taken workshops on colour correction, ProTools, optical printing and film funding, as well as equipment orientations on the Arri SR-2 camera, and sound recording gear. 


I used to teach an introductory workshop for the Avid Film Composer at Cineworks, as well as occasionally providing one-on-one training.


Through Video In, Ive done workshops on Post-production, non-linear editing, and equipment orientations for the Avid Xpress and Adobe After Effects.





    IATSE 891 Permittee as Film/Video Picture Editor and 2nd Assistant Picture Editor.

    Member - Cineworks, Video In, Moving Images Distribution Society - Vancouver Film & Video Co-ops.





Nettie Wild Director, Koneline; UNINTERRUPTED nbcwild [at] gmail.com

Betsy Carson Producer, Koneline; UNINTERRUPTED carson [at] smartt.com

Julia Kwan Director, Eve and the Fire Horse firehorsemail [at] gmail.com

Bruce Spangler Director, Protection spangler.bruce [at] gmail.com

Erik Paulsson Writer/Director/Producer, Island of Shadows eapaulsson [at] gmail.com

Selected Credits