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Love, coffee, a place to spend the night: what can you buy for a quarter? Marlboro City is about five strangers in a bank of pay phones. This city is full of voices: conversations tangle and unravel and 2 bits is all you need to get in the game. Take a chance on the one-ear bandit, folks. But what exactly do you say, when everything you need and desire must be expressed, compressed, filtered through a wire?

Personal conversations in glass-walled cubicles: Marlboro City offers plenty of isolation but not much privacy. As the film progresses, the people in the booths are drawn into each other's problems.

This film contains some coarse language.

Distribution Information:

Marlboro City is available on 16mm film, and on 1/2", 3/4" and 1" videotape. Copyright, and all distribution rights are owned by Michael Brockington. Releases have been secured from all performers and all music is original.

Marlboro City is a certified Canadian production; CAVCO Certificate Number P14829.

Distribution Contact Addresses:

Michael Brockington
53 22nd Avenue West
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 2E9
Telephone: (604) 254-2149

About the Director:

Michael Brockington, 29, is an independent filmmaker based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He's a member of Cineworks, a Vancouver filmmakers cooperative, and has recently completed a degree in film at Simon Fraser University. He works as a film editor, and is currently writing a short film dealing with photography and memory. Other pursuits include freelance writing, still photography, electronic music & computer programming.

Marlboro City, 1992, 16mm, colour, 22 1/2'
Eat Truth, 1989, 16mm, colour, 5'
Static, 1989, 16mm, b&w and colour, 4'

Principal Cast

In the Booths
Mark Schooley Scully
Benjamin Ratner Harlan
Akiko Morison Emily
Jason Metz Jeremy
Penny Hetherington Maria
On Location
Jan Riddell Jenny
Michael O'Shea Dexter
Tammy Isbell Atlanta

Principal Crew

Screenings & Festivals


KCTS Television, Seattle, USA One-time broadcast. Sept. 4, l994

Quicktime Excerpt


The Shooting Script for Marlboro City is available on-line.

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